Welcome to the XX EURALEX International Congress!

The XX EURALEX International Congress will be held between 12-16 July 2022 in Mannheim, Germany. With its motto “Dictionaries and Society” the conference aims at bringing together professional lexicographers, linguists, publishers, researchers, software developers and anyone interested in dictionaries and their educational, cultural, political and social impact in everyday life.

The programme includes a diverse spectrum of plenary lectures, topic-related sessions, software demonstrations, pre-conference workshops, presentations of new projects and young lexicographic professionals. As such, the EURALEX 2022 will offer a unique platform for discussions or exchange and it is a perfect opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues around the world.
The Congress is organised by the Department of Lexical Studies  (“Lexik”) at the Leibniz Institute for the German Language  (IDS), which was founded in 1964. The members of staff of the “Department of Lexical Studies” conduct research on questions of e-lexicographic practice and on meta-lexicographic studies. Other research topics include lexicological research on lexical change, lexical language contact, quantitative lexicology, syntagmatic aspects of the lexicon, and social aspects of the vocabulary.

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